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Dansera tab

Musculo-Skeletal System – Natural Anti-Inflammatory


Each enteric coated tablet contains : Serrapeptase 5 mg, Vitamin B1 mononitrate 1,4 mg, Vitamin B2 1,5 mg, Vitamin B6 2,2 mg, Vitamin B12 3 µg, Nicotinamide 15 mg, Vitamin E 3 mg.



Reduce the inflammation that accompanies a state : paranasal sinusitis, cystitis, epididymitis, perikoronitis and alveolar abscess. Trauma.

As mucolitic in the treatment of cases of bronchitis, tuberculosis and bronchial asthma. Expedite the flow of respiratory mucus after anesthetic action. Improve the effectiveness of antibiotics in treating infections.


Recommended Dosage

1 tablet 3 times daily.


Considering the vast market potential, Otto is setting up a new formulation facility for manufacturing Tablets, Capsules, Syrup,...

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Research & Development

OTTO is aware of the importance of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry...

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